Welcome to our Hilltop Gym Facility 

Blair’s Holiday Parks is delighted to announce that we now have a new gym facility open  and it is available to all our Blair’s Customers- across all of our locations.

This is a completely FREE service

We strongly advise that you pre-book your 1 hour session at the gym by using our booking link  

You can call into our office to book your slot (within office hours of 9am-5pm), however, we recommend pre booking by calling us on 028 7082 3537 to avoid disappointment

Our gym facility will be capped to 5 people per hour and a liability waiver must be completed before using the gym facility.

Anyone under the age of 18 will not be permitted into the gym facility.

What's Included?

Currently we have a squat rack, x1 20kg barbell, x1 15kg barbell, 157.5kg of bumper plates, selection of kettlebells (4kg, 6kg,16kg 18kg & 24kg), x2 15kg hex dumbbells, x2 22.5kg hex dumbbells, plyo box, concept 2 rowing back and x1 assault air bike.

We are also currently looking to provide further gym equipment as per a number of our gym users suggestions 



More Information

Hilltop Gym Terms and Conditions



Anyone using the gym does so at their own risk. Blair’s Holiday Parks accepts no responsibility for injuries, however caused when in the premises; neither the loss or damage of personal property which any user of the facility may take with them. Blair’s Holiday Parks recommend to train with 1 other person to reduce the risk of illness/injury, persons whom chose to train individually, do this at their own risk. It is the responsibility of each individual gym user to ensure that they have achieved such levels of fitness and general health as will allow the use of the gym

without injury or accident. Gym user are recommended to have some form of personal medical insurance to cover injury and should take advice from their GP before taking part in any physical exercise.. It is strongly recommended that in case of doubt, members should refer to their GP for advice before starting to use the gym facilities.


Disclaimer Form

Before you enter the gym, we ask that new gym users call into our office and sign a disclaimer form

All gym users must fill out our disclaimer form before using our facilities, failure to do may result in you being asked to leave the gym until forms are completed

You will find a copy of our form at our main reception office- which you can fill out and leave with a team member

You will only need to fill this form out once

Please note all data is maintained under GDPR and follows strict Data Protection Policies



It is advisable that you pre book your gym session, and you can do that every easily online using the link  https://bookevents.blairsholidayparks.com/activity/portrush/book

You can also come in to our main office from 9am-5pm to check availability and we can get booked in

But to avoid disappointment- our advice is to book online!



Parking & Location

Our Hilltop Gym is located next to our main office – in the building next to our former Hilltop Chippy Premises

We strongly encourage our Hilltop gym guests to walk to our new gym, however should you be coming from another holiday park, we advise that you park in our main carpark and access the gym via our pedestrian gate next to the bin bay area

The side access door to the gym is located up from Hilltop B2 on the map

Should you have any difficulties, please call into the office- as we would be more than happy to help


Age Restrictions

Only Adults (18 years +) are permitted to use the Hilltop Gym Facilities

Any persons found using the facility who does not meet our minimum age restriction will be asked to leave the facility



There is no fee for Hilltop Gym- this is a free service for our Blair’s Holiday Park Customers


Maximum Capacity

Please be advised that maximum capacity for gym use is 5 persons. We will ask others to leave if the gym is over capacity.

Non gym users should not be on the premises at any time


Opening Hours

The gym operates from 8am until 5pm Mon-Sunday


Our Hilltop Gym is open from 8am-5pm Mon-Sun


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