The Blair’s Charitable Trust

In 2014 The owners of Blair’s Caravans formed a charitable Trust – ‘The Blair’s Charitable Trust’.

The Charitable Trust was formed on the basis of the owners Christian faith and the Trust’s main aim is the promotion of Christianity and related acts both inside and outside of Northern Ireland.  

The benefits to wider society and areas of need through the Trust work, include; supporting Christian missionaries and related work not only across Ireland, but also many nations across the world.  The Trust regularly provides ongoing support to charitable organisations which includes support to fund schools and education in non-western countries; the building of Churches and Christian outreach ministries. Funds are also donated to help Christians who are persecuted abroad.

The beneficiary work of the charitable Trust fund also includes showing Christian love and support to those experiencing difficulty and hardship, who through this support can experience relief from poverty.

The many people and organisations to date who have benefited from the charitable trust work include people such as drug addicts, the homeless, refugees, the elderly, orphans, youth groups and victims of disasters and other humanitarian events.

There is no private benefit from the Charitable Trust to the Trustees and Directors.

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