The Hub: The perfect party place

The perfect party setting at the Port! for kids of all ages, whatever the weather.  Massive open indoor space, equipped with traditional and digital games and activities to entertain all party goers. Not to mention the all-encompassing and fully accessible play park right next to The Hub. We even have our very own fully equipped self-catering kitchen available for party food and a sweetie shop on site!

Special Occasion PartyHire CostHire Includes
Blair's Basic Birthday Room Hire£35 weekday/evening *Room Hire Only
Tables & Chairs
Access to play park
£50 weekend day/evening (Up to 4 hours)
Blair's Birthday Package£45 weekday/eveningAs above, as well as access to self catering kitchen and equipment, traditional and digital games and PA system
£65 weekend day/ evening*
(Up to 4 hours) Bouncy Castle £60 extra

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