Compact with a Sublime Jet Massage

1 lounger, 2 seats

Dimensions: 212 x 155 x 82 cm
Weight: 288 kg (Empty)
Volume: 850 litres
32 jets: • 2 x 2” foot massage jets (direct)
• 10 x 2” stimulation jets (direct)
• 10 x 3” single pulse jets (rotating)
• 2 x 4” single pulse jets (rotating)
• 2 x 5” single pulse jets (rotating)
• 2 x 3” twin pulse jets (rotating)
• 2 x 4” twin pulse jets (rotating)
• 2 x 5” twin pulse jets (rotating)
Pumps: • 2 Powerful 2hp pumps
• Dedicated circulation pump
• Air regulator, water diverter
Lighting: Underwater LED lighting
Water Feature: 2” perimeter LED

Product Specs

Seats 3
Size 2120X1550X820
Jets 32

About INFINITY 160

The compact Infinity 160 is designed to fit in those smaller spaces. It is ideal for couples of all ages with the added benefit of a third seat.

When seating two people, both can stretch out and enjoy side by side loungers, giving an enjoyable sensation of weightlessness. In this compact spa there is still space for 32 jets so no part of the body will miss out on terrific massage therapy; neck, back, calves and feet are all in for a treat!

The Infinity 160 also features comfortable pillows, easy access filter house, simple to operate bar top controls and relaxing underwater lighting.

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