Gentle but Energizing

1 lounger, 4 seats

Dimensions: 230 x 230 x 92 cm
Weight: 400 kg (Empty)
Volume: 1510 litres
45 jets: • 1 x 7” foot massage jets (direct)
• 22 x 2” stimulation jets (direct)
• 4 x 3” neck massage jets (direct)
• 8 x 3” single pulse jets (rotating)
• 2 x 3” twin pulse jets (rotating)
• 2 x 4” twin pulse jets (rotating)
• 4 x 5” single pulse jets (rotating)
• 2 x 5” twin pulse jets (rotating)
Pumps: • 2 powerful 3hp pumps
• Dedicated circulation pump
• Air regulator, water diverter
Lighting: Underwater LED lighting
Water Feature: 2” perimeter LED

Product Specs

Seats 5
Size 2300X2300X920
Jets 45

About INFINITY 760

Gentle on the back and neck and energizing to the muscles, the awesome Infinity 760 is a roomy five person hot tub.

It is amazingly spacious and comfortable, giving everyone in the spa room to spread out. Each seating position is ergonomically designed to offer optimum comfort.

Featuring 45 well placed jets, there is a non-slip floor, dedicated entry steps, neck pillows, easy access filtration and simple to use bar top controls.

At night, the tranquil water edge, underwater and corner LED lighting really brings the Infinity 760 spa to life.

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