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We know that Buying a holiday home is a big decision. Whether you’re buying a used caravan or upgrading to a brand new #happystays, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands!

We have over 60 years of experience and thousands of #happystays caravan owners across our 4 sites in Portrush and Antrim.

You have bought with us because we’re experts when it comes to caravan sales.  And we want to continue that excellent customer service into our After care and warranty services. Before your #happystays handover, your holiday caravan will have been thoroughly inspected and tested. However, we know that sometimes issues may arise.

You will have been advised by one of our Sales Team Members to go online & fill out the below form, should you encounter issues with your caravan.  

Please note that the below has to be completed within 2 weeks from your #happystays handover date.

Caravan Handover Issue Reporting Form

SNAG Issue Reporting Form

All new caravans come with a manufacturer’s warranty and terms and condition will vary and apply. Please check with your Sales Team Representative about this.

Second Hand Caravans have a 1 year warranty with Blair’s Holiday Parks. Warranty covers major structural items and appliances, and items which affect the normal day- day function of the caravan. It does not cover cosmetic items, minor repairs, scratches sand/or blemishes which would be normal to find in second hand caravans.

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