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Being a proud holiday home owner with Blair’s Holiday Parks means you have the freedom to enjoy a family break time and time again whenever you wish. Of course, there are so many advantages of holiday home ownership, but ownership means just that- it’s yours to look after.

But you’re lucky, one of the main benefits of owning a static caravan is that they are relatively easy to maintain. Besides the obvious things like keeping your gutters clear and closing the air vents when you aren’t there, there are a few little things you should keep on top of to keep your holiday home in perfect condition, especially as it gets closer to those colder months.

When temperatures drop below freezing, it can potentially cause damage to your holiday home – areas that can be affected include: •

  • Valves in your shower
  • Toilet cistern and pan
  • Boilers
  • Central heating system


Airing your caravan is vital in ensuring the prevention of damp build up. You can do this by simply leaving your curtains open during the autumn, winter and spring months as this will allow a draft into your caravan and circulates the air flow.

Outside Panels

We recommend you clean your static caravan’s outside panels twice a year with some soapy water to keep your caravan looking as good as new. Adding some wax to the solution will give your panels that little extra protection in harsh weather conditions.


Make sure you check your chassis regularly and use some grease to prevent rust from occurring.


We highly recommend that you switch the water supply off when you are not staying in your holiday home during the cooler months as this will prevent the freezing of the water which could cause a pipe burst.

We can do this for you as part of the drain down process when you leave your caravan for the winter months.

Drain Down

At Blair’s Holiday Parks, we do our best to help you leave your static caravan in the best possible condition when you leave for the winter months so that it is all ready for when you return to continue your holidays in the New Year.

What is a drain down?

A drain down prepares your holiday home for winter so that it is protected from harsh weather. As part of our winterisation services, we remove the water from the pipes and prepare any systems that may use water (such as showers, etc). You can do this yourself, but ensure that your insurance policy will cover this.

For more information on our winterisation services or if you have any queries on the maintenance of your static caravan, contact us today.  

We’ve put together some top tips to help you with the winterisation process:

Book your drain down for your holiday home

This can be with your park or another contractor. If you are using a contractor, please make sure you inform the park and that they have all relevant paper work, including £5million liability insurance. They will need to sign in at reception on arrival and produce this document.

Turn your stopcock off when you leave your holiday home

This will reduce any damage if you do experience a burst.

Close all windows and skylights

This will minimise moisture getting into your holiday home.

Empty and clean out fridges and freezers

Disconnect from the power supply and leave doors ajar to enable fresh air circulation.

Internal doors should be left open

This enables air to circulate through your holiday home, reducing condensation building up.

Stack any removable upholstery and mattresses in the middle of the room

This will keep them away from any risks of damp towards the outside of the property

Add Moisture Traps

Moisture traps will help extract condensation from the air, this will reduce the likelihood of condensation or mould build up. You can also use bowls of salt, but they are sometimes not as effective and water can overflow from them. Moisture traps are available from the reception at our Main Office for a small fee.

Remove all valuables

It may also be worth placing a sign in the window to say no valuables have been left in your holiday home.

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