Park Health & Safety

All you need to know to stay safe across all of our parks.


Our holiday homes are equipped with well serviced and gas safety tested boilers. In the unlikely event of no hot water or heating, please call Reception or our Security Team (outside of office hours) on 028 7082 3537. Outside of office hours, please wait and choose option 1


Our caravans do not have a suitable power supply for charging electric vehicles. Using certain electrical appliances or using too many at the same time may trip your electrical fuse box. The fuse box is in the wardrobe in the master bedroom and all switches should be in the ‘up’ position. If they are all in the ‘up’ position and the electric still doesn’t work, please let us know so that we can restore it for you as quickly as possible.

Electric Fire

Some caravans will be fitted with an electric fire and the controls will be on the front or side of the fire. Please make sure the power switch is at the ‘on’ position.

Gas cooker

There’s an on/off switch for the ignition above the work surface, so if the cooker doesn’t seem to work, please check this is set to the ‘on’ position. To light the gas or oven, press the control knob and turn it, pushing the ignition button at the same time – you should hear a ticking noise. Once it’s lit, hold the control knob in for ten seconds, release it and change the temperature.


All our luxury hire-vans have central heating. Information on how to operate your heating can be found in your handbook in your luxury hire-van. (usually placed on the coffee table in the living room)
Our geo domes and cabins have electric heaters, with instructions in your accommodation

Master light switch

In all of our holiday homes there’s a master light switch that can turn all the lights on or off – this can usually be found next to the front door of the caravan.

Oven and grill

To light the oven or grill, open the door, and turn the gas flow switch to low. Push the gas switch in, press the ignition switch, and keep the gas switch pushed in for a few seconds – the appliance should be lit and the gas flowing freely. You can now turn the oven or grill to your required temperature.

Safety detectors

We check our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors regularly, but if either starts to bleep intermittently, please let us know immediately so that we can check them and change the batteries if necessary.


If your TV isn’t turning on, check to see if it’s switched on at the wall (and also that the power button is switched on). Let us know if the batteries for the remote control need changing, and please leave it in a handy place for the next guests.

Keeping you safe and secure

We want you to have the best time ever while you’re with us. This information is all you will need to know about the park safety and other helpful information – stick to it and everyone will have fun. And we’ll feel happier knowing you’re ok.

Road safety

Keep to the speed limit – normally a 10mph speed limit applies on the park, however there may be exceptions. For the safety of everyone please adhere to the speed limit shown.

Similarly, anyone driving or travelling in motor vehicles must wear a seat belt. Children must be in suitable car/booster seat or wearing a seat belt and not travelling on the adult’s lap.

Car parking – take care when parking your vehicle. Always use designated parking bays in car parks/ or allocated bays for your accommodation. Ensure you do not leave your vehicle in a position where it will block site or emergency vehicles from accessing areas of the park.

Please be aware that there may be large vehicles – (including delivery vehicles) – moving around the park. Whilst we have taken every precaution to minimise the risk of an accident during these times, extra care should be taken around delivery areas..

All roads within the park are subject to the provisions of the Road Traffic Act. It is an offence to drive or be in charge of a motor vehicle while under the influence of drink or drugs, and also to drive dangerously. This applies to all public places here, including car parks.

Never park on caravan bases and beware of gas, electrical and other service connections to caravans.
All vehicles are parked entirely at owner’s risk.

Electric Scooters/Segways/Hover Boards

We want you to have fun whilst on holiday with us, but we need to ensure that we keep you safe on our parks.
In line with government legislation and in accordance with health and safety advice, private use of electric scooters, Segways, hoverboards and balance boards are not permitted on any site.

Fire safety



Electrical – Switch off all appliances when you are not using them. This is especially so at night, but also when out of view during the day. This includes items such as mobile phones, iPads/tablets and e-cigarettes. Always use an approved, product suppled power lead.

Heating – to prevent fire from starting, do not cover any appliances provided for heating in your accommodation.

Take care when positioning mobile cots in your accommodation. Please keep them away from hot surfaces/heaters and do not position them where they might block an escape route. Never place beds (including fold-out beds) or bedding near a fire at any time.

If you are staying in a caravan, please ensure the gas fire is turned off when you are using the fold-out bed. Please refer to ‘gas safety’ below for details on the operation of gas appliances.

Cooking – Ensure all cooking activities are correctly supervised and not left alone. Deep fat frying should be avoided.

Naked Flame – Use of candles or naked flame products are prohibited

Storage – During your stay, do not store any items inside your water heater or boiler cupboard

Fire doors – Where provided for your safety, do not hold or prop open self-closing fire doors. Care should also be taken with young children to prevent finger traps when they close.

Fire detection – Fire detectors are provided for early warning of a fire situation, do not interfere with the fire detector. If it appears not to be working correctly, please let us know.

BBQ Safety – Given the extreme prolonged hot weather and potential fire risk, we have taken the decision to stop selling disposable barbecues in our park shops. This is effective immediately. Until further notice, Haven is also discouraging all our guests and Owners from using disposable barbecues due to the potential fire risk. Thank you for your cooperation as we try to minimise any risk during this extremely hot and dry weather.

What to do in the event of a fire

At the beginning of your stay, please make yourself aware of your evacuation point that corresponds to your accommodation unit. This can be found on your map in your handbook

If you discover a fire, alert other people in your accommodation and evacuate immediately.

Raise the alarm by contacting Reception on 028 7082 3537 – this is also the park’s out-of-hours emergency
Please phone 999
Alert adjoining accommodation if it is safe to do so.

Never put yourself or anyone else in danger if using any of the firefighting equipment provided. If in doubt, get out.

You are not encouraged to fight the fire yourself.

Do not waste time collecting personal items, and do not put yourself or anyone else in danger.

Do not re-enter your accommodation for any reason. Only re-enter when instructed by the site team.

Public Buildings


Only smoke in the designated areas provided, discarding your cigarette waste correctly using the ashtrays provided.

All general waste should be appropriately discarded using the general waste bins provided.

Please do not block fire exits and walkways with belongings or move your seats in such way to obstruct routes to the emergency exits.

What to do in the event of a fire

We have fully trained team members to assist you in the event of fire alarm activation. If the alarm sounds, leave the building using the nearest available exit and follow the instructions given by our team members.

If you discover a fire, activate the nearest ‘break glass’ or tell a team member where the fire is before leaving the building.

Do not attempt to tackle the fire yourself.

Never stop to collect your personal belongings.

Never re-enter a building unless you are told to do so by a member of the park management team.

Accommodation Safety

Gas safety

Operation of gas appliances

The following advice covers the main points you need for the safe operation of gas appliances.

If you have any doubt or you require further detailed instructions please contact Reception.

Fire – To light the fire, press and turn the gas flow knob to low (which is the first position), and press the spark igniter button at the same time. In some models the igniter is incorporated into the gas control and operates automatically when the gas flow knob is turned. When the appliance is lit, release the igniter and hold the gas flow knob for 20 seconds before releasing. Finally, adjust the heat to the required setting.

General – If the fire, hob, oven or grill does not light or they go out, return the settings to OFF, wait for two minutes, and start again using the above instructions. If the appliance still fails to ignite, contact Reception.

Hob – To light the hob, turn the gas flow knob to low and hold it down before lighting the corresponding ring or by using the electronic igniter button. Some models have an automatic ignition that lights the hob when the gas flow knob is turned and held down.

Oven and grill – To light the oven or grill, open the door and turn the gas flow knob to low, then press and hold the gas release button downwards before lighting the cooker or by using the electronic igniter button. Hold the gas flow knob for 20 seconds before releasing. Finally, adjust the flame as required and close the oven door when the burner has ignited. Do not close the grill door whilst the grill burner is alight. This advice applies equally to models with and without gas release buttons.

Water heater or boiler – This appliance should be lit for you and set so that no further adjustment is needed. If you cannot see a pilot light from the front of the appliance, or no hot water comes from the taps, contact Reception and someone will come and relight the appliance for you.


If you are staying in a caravan, ventilation has been provided in the roof and the floor to allow gas appliances to operate safely and to allow products of combustion to escape. Please do not cover the ventilation under any circumstances.

What to do if there’s a gas leak

Evacuate the accommodation, opening windows and doors as you go. Turn off the gas supply which will be located outside the accommodation.

Report it to Reception or Security immediately – don’t hope that someone else will.

Don’t smoke or use naked flames.

Don’t turn any electrical switches ON or OFF.

All caravans are fitted with Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitors that are checked regularly. Should a CO monitor activate, evacuate the caravan and report the activation to Reception.

Personal safety

Caravan steps railing

When using caravan steps in wet conditions it is possible that they may become slippery. It is advisable to use the guide rail provided when entering and leaving the caravan.

The rails on caravan steps are guide rails only and are not full-weight-bearing rails


If there are cooking appliances in your accommodation, they are probably different to those you have at home. Please take care when using them and ensure food is thoroughly cooked before it is served.


Please take care when other water sources are being used, as the water temperature of the shower can fluctuate.

Bathroom Heated Towel Rails

Some of the towel rails within guest accommodation have adjustable temperatures dials which enable the temperature to be increased and decreased to a setting to suit individual requirements. Please exercise caution when first increasing the temperature.

Inflatables and Windbreakers

We do not allow inflatables around the park. Windbreakers can be used, as long as they are taken down before nightfall or if you leave the site.

Noise/ Music Curfew

The curfew on music is 11pm. Please be considerate of other park users at all times , and at night time please keep noise to a minimum so you do not disturb other who are trying to sleep.

General safety


We have fully qualified first-aiders who can provide assistance in the event of an accident.
Please let us know about any accident you have as soon after it’s happened as possible.


If you or a member of your family is suffering from symptoms such as diarrhoea and/or vomiting, please stay in your accommodation and contact us at Reception. In these times of varied and frequent viruses it is important that the highest standards of personal hand hygiene are maintained.

Out and about

Should this be your first visit to this holiday destination we advise that, if you venture out, you should familiarise yourselves with the surrounding area paying particular attention to road layouts as well as natural features such as rivers and streams, lakes and steep slopes.

If you visit local beaches, please pay special attention to any beach safety rules that maybe in place, and any hazards in the local environment; including coastal paths, slopes or cliffs.

Should any of your party be returning to park after dark, we advise that you should do so via defined, well-lit routes and pavements and, where appropriate, utilise the local bus and taxi services.

Child Safety

Please make sure that the whole family is familiar with the park layout and the location of your accommodation.

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times while on park.

If you become separated from your child, please report to Reception immediately.

Children’s play areas are unsupervised by park team members, so children must be properly supervised in these areas at all times by a responsible adult.

Please note that accommodation windows may not be fitted with safety catches as they may be used as emergency exits.


Our parks have a night Security team who are here to assist you whilst you enjoy your holiday.

Please support them by reporting any concerns you have about your safety and security, including any suspicious person, activity, or vehicle.

We ask that all our guests familiarise themselves with the Park Rules to ensure that everyone behaves with respect for each other.

Please note that any criminal act will be reported to the Police.

You can contact our night security team by calling 028 7082 3537 and waiting to chose option 1, our night security operates from 9 pm – 5 am

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