Terms and Conditions

Updated Terms and Conditions June 2021

Before You Book with Blair’s Holiday Parks please read through our terms and conditions 

About Blair’s Holiday Park’s terms and conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully as, together with your booking confirmation, any conditions we refer to on our website, any additional special offer terms and conditions, and anything else we agree in writing, they make up your agreement with us. These terms and conditions apply to bookings made online, by phone, in person or through a booking agent.

We may also need to update our terms and conditions but you can always find the latest version online at blairsholidayparks.com/stay.  

Please remember to read and check the terms and conditions each time you make a booking with us as they may have changed since your last booking.

If you’re not happy with our terms or have any questions about them, please contact us, otherwise we’ll assume you’ve accepted these terms.

What does it all mean?

Here are the definitions of some of the things we say in our terms and conditions:

you‘ and ‘your‘ – the lead guest who makes the booking;

we‘, ‘us‘ , ‘our‘ or ‘Blair’s‘  Blair’s Holiday Parks, which is a registered company in Northern Ireland

we both‘ – both Blair’s and you;

agreement‘ – the contract between us based on: (i) these terms and conditions; (ii) your booking confirmation; (iii) any conditions we refer to on our website (iv) any additional special offer terms and conditions; and (v) anything else we agree in writing;

party‘ – those persons named on the booking confirmation and any person added later;

the ‘park‘ – the holiday park you’ve chosen for your holiday; and

lead guest‘ – the lead booker and contact point for the booking who must attend the holiday booked.


Guest restrictions

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive holiday operator and aim to provide a great experience for all families and couples.

To achieve a friendly, family atmosphere for all our guests, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel bookings (without refund) from

  1. persons under the age of 25;
  2. all-adult or single-sex groups including hen, stag or any other parties that disrupt other guests;
  3. solo travellers (if we feel the reason for your stay isn’t in line with our family focused values); or
  4. anyone else who we think might spoil things for other guests.

We don’t knowingly allow any guest to use or visit our parks who: (i) has an unspent criminal conviction; (ii) has an entry on a criminal register (including the sex offenders’ register); (iii) has any record of any order indicating antisocial behaviour, violence, abuse, public disorder, or criminal damage or any other form of antisocial behaviour; (iv) is a convicted sex offender, subject to the notification requirements of the Sexual Offences Act 2003; or (v) is subject to a Risk of Sexual Harm Order or Child Abduction Notice. If you don’t disclose this information about yourself or any other member of your party, and it later becomes known to us, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and require that you, and the other members of your party, leave the park, without refund.

Planning for your holiday 

Who’s coming to Blair’s Holiday Parks

Please check your booking confirmation as soon as you receive it because it’s only the people on that confirmation who can occupy our accommodation and use our facilities. Please make sure you tell us as soon as possible if any of the details of your booking change after you’ve booked. If anyone not on your booking confirmation is found in occupation, we will cancel your booking and all guests on your booking, as well as the unauthorised persons, will be asked to leave the park immediately and without refund.

The total number of people coming with you (including children and babies) mustn’t be more than the capacity of your caravan holiday home. In most cases, this will be 5, 6 or 8 people maximum so please check your confirmation carefully. If you do go over the maximum number then we’ll, unfortunately, have to turn away any extra people at check-in. You and members of your party who are 18 or over may be required to provide photographic identification (valid driving licence or passport) at any time during your stay.

Important information and updates

Wherever possible, important information updates about your holiday will be emailed to you. Please check your emails and our website in the lead up to your holiday. To continually receive the latest information please ensure we have your current contact details and your email address.

Bringing a baby

If you need a cot or highchair, you need to ask for it when you book, and we’ll do our best to get you one. A hire charge is payable for these items of £5 per item. While our holiday homes are quite spacious, most won’t be able to fit a standard sized travel cot in the bedroom. Most of our guests find that the living room is the best place to put them, or the master bedroom

Bringing your kids

This year, due to Coronavirus Pandemic, we will not be running our kids’ programme or events. However, we hope to come back bigger and better for 2022!

We still have a great sweet shop and playpark on site to keep the kids entertained!

We’ll proactively take steps to keep you and your little ones safe at Blair’s Holiday Parks, but your kids remain your responsibility at all times and you must make sure they do what our team say. Please note that services and facilities for children are not childcare facilities, and kids may not be left alone without full adult supervision in our playpark.

We have a playpark attendant on at peak times throughout the season, and your child may not be granted access to the playpark if they attend unsupervised. We have seating area outside for adults to sit and supervise kids.

Children (under 16) must not be left unattended at any time.  Parents are asked to supervise children properly so that they conduct themselves in an acceptable manner and are not a danger to themselves or others.

Children should be supervised when entering and leaving the Facilities and customers should take all other reasonable precautions for the safety of their children.

The playground opens at 8am and closes at 11pm. Parents must supervise their children at all times whilst on site

Parents are solely responsible for their own children; Blair’s Caravans staff will not be responsible for bad behaviour or conflict

Dogs and other pets in our parks

Whilst we love dogs! We welcome (well-trained) dogs in limited accommodation types of our holiday homes- namely our camping cabins, geo domes and in our touring and camping site. Please note that we do not accept pets/dogs in our luxury hire vans, expect for assistance dogs.

We don’t accept dogs listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act. If you have a dog that’s noisy or behaving badly, we may ask you to take them away, so please keep your dog on a lead and make sure a responsible adult is looking after it. Please bear in mind that you won’t be able to take your pet into our shop, restaurant, playpark.

All dogs must be kept under control, whilst on site, and on a short lead. Excessive barking will not be tolerated. If dog fouling occurs it must be cleared up immediately and placed in the bins provided.  Pets are not permitted in any building.

Bringing a vehicle to the park

There is space next to your luxury hire van for 2 cars, after that, if there are more  vehicles with your holiday booking party- they will need to be parked  in our main car park. If you’re planning to bring something that’s not a car with you (a lorry, van, motorbike, jet ski or boat, for example), please check with our reception team before you book. We may not have the space, and in some cases can’t accept large or noisy vehicles. Please note that we do not permit, quads, mini quads, mini motors

Touring Caravans and Motorhomes

Our standard pitches are big enough to suit most units. You can only bring one tourer, motorhome per pitch. If yours is on the large side, we’ll do what we can to help you fit in – but please let us know when you book so that we can confirm that we can accommodate you.

Whilst we accept awnings you can’t sleep under an awning.

Special requests

Please let us know when you book if you’ll be celebrating something special whilst you’re with us!  We will always try our best to leave something special if we can. Please tell us when you book, in your booking notes and/or put your request in writing to reception@blairsholidayparks.com remembering to give us your name, booking reference and date of your stay with Blair’s Holiday Parks.

Paying for your holiday

What you’ll pay

Like most things to do with travel, the prices of our holidays change depending on availability. If guests book their holiday very close to arrival then fluctuations in price will occur on a much more frequent basis, so it is advisable to book early. You’ll find up-to-date prices on our website, although we can only confirm the exact price of your holiday when you book. Any quotation obtained prior to booking is subject to change. All pricing is subject to promotional availability at the time of booking your holiday. We guarantee that the price shown on your booking confirmation for the accommodation and party size, plus any supplements, is the amount payable by you but we reserve the right to raise or lower our holiday prices and other charges at any time before booking.

Guests are reminded that the prices displayed on the website are subject to change and may go up and down in response to changing market pressures.

How to pay

Debit or credit card: the easiest way to pay for your holiday is by debit (preferred) or credit card online.

At the time of booking you will need to have the following details : (i) the long card number; (ii) the last 3 digits of your security code; (iii) the expiry date; (iv) the cardholder’s name and address; and (v) for web payments, additional verification.

Deposits and when to pay

If you book more than 4 weeks before the start of your holiday, you can either pay the full amount or a deposit. Please note that you will be sent regular reminders of whenever to pay the balance of your booking. You will be sent a link to pay this online. The balance of your holiday must be paid in full, 4 weeks prior to your arrival.  If you book a stay with Blair’s Holiday Parks 4 weeks or less before the start of your holiday, you’ll have to pay in full at the time of booking.

Your booking will only be confirmed once your deposit has been paid, and deposit payments are non-refundable and non-transferable to anybody else.

Your booking confirmation will show your balance due date(s). It is your responsibility to pay the balance when it’s due and, if you don’t, we’ll cancel your holiday and you won’t get your money back.

 Security Deposits

Before your arrival – you will be asked to pay a deposit for damages and breakages  which may occur at your holiday home throughout your stay with Blair’s Holiday Parks.

Your security deposit will be required as part of our online check in system. You will not be able to fully check in, without paying this deposit.

You will receive an email from our team on the morning of your arrival. You will be asked to check in on line. Check in online opens from 11am on the day of your arrival. You will be prompted to pay for your security deposit, and only then when we receive this, you will receive your lock box code and barrier code information to access your holiday home.

Be advised we will take a percentage or all of your security deposit- due to damages, missing objects, or if a longer cleaning time was required to bring our holiday home up to standard for our next visitors. We will call you to discuss this with you before any payments are deducted.

Please note that a security deposit amount is not removed from your account- it is a held “pending” amount.

A £250 security deposit will be required before your stay in one of our luxury holiday homes

A £100 security deposit will be required before your stay in our Camping Cabins.

A £50  security deposit will be required before your stay in our Camp Site. This includes a deposit for your barrier card which allows you to gain access to Blair’s Camp Site.

If your deposit is paid by Visa Debit/Credit Card, the money will be release into your account within 14 working days from the day of your departure * please note that if you are paying your deposit with a MASTERCARD credit/debit card- your deposit will be held and released up to 30 working days. This is Mastercard’s policy- should you have issues with this- please contact your bank or credit/debit card provider. 

Changing or cancelling your plans

How you can change your booking

We know that people’s needs change – and we want to give you the best holiday we can. So, if you decide to change your booking, we’ll try our best to meet your needs. Unfortunately, what you want may cost more or may not be available.

If you need to change packages after booking, please call us. When we make the change, the booking will be repriced and will reflect the current prices and offers. Prices can go up and down in response to market pressures.

It may be possible for you to add more guests to a booking. It should be noted that we cannot change dates from one calendar year to the next. We will, where possible, try to accommodate changes to your accommodation, package or holiday dates but this may incur additional costs.

If the changes you need aren’t possible and you don’t want to keep to your original booking, or you’re unhappy with the additional charges and don’t want to keep to your original booking, this will be classed as a cancellation

Please note that all requests to change your booking must be made by telephone by you (the lead guest) The request(s) should be made as soon as possible. We will correspond in all matters relating to your booking with the lead names person on the booking. You act as representative for all members of your party.

Cancelling your booking with Blair’s Holiday Parks

We always hope that you don’t need to cancel your holiday booking, but we accept that on some  occasions such as  bereavement: it is unavoidable.

Be advised that we would ask that you follow the below steps.

  1. Call us as soon as you can on 028 7082 3537 or email reception@blairsholidayparks.com
  2. For us to consider offering an alternative date, we may ask you to send written proof of why you need to cancel such as a doctor’s certification or court notification. If so, please send a scan or photocopy of the evidence to reception@blairsholidayparks.com within 24 hours of our request and prior to your holiday start date. We will then cancel your holiday and offer you alternative dates
  3. Only then we will consider offering alternative dates for your #happystay
  4. If we have been able to rebook your holiday – we may consider a refund
  5. Please wait to hear from us regarding any refund due – and the amount (which may be reduced by bank charges).
  6. Wait for us to pay your refund (which may take up to 35 days). Cancellation charges are calculated from the date we receive your instructions.
  7. If we’ve requested written proof of why you need to cancel, then please wait to hear from us regarding any refund due – and the amount (which may be reduced by bank charges).
  8. Wait for us to pay your refund (which may take up to 35 days). Cancellation charges are calculated from the date we receive your instructions.
  9. We will only consider transfer or cancellation within the period of 28 days and 3 days prior to arrival and.
  10. If you choose to amend your holiday to different dates, should your new holiday be cheaper than your existing booking- you will not receive a refund of the difference.
  11. Should your new holiday be more expensive, you will need to pay the difference at time of booking.
  12. If you choose to cancel your holiday, you can only do this by calling us, refunds may take up to 35 days to process.


If Coronavirus Government Restrictions means you cannot travel to our holiday park for your Blair’s Holiday Park’s #happystay .

You will receive the following options

a. A replacement holiday at a different time- that is the same as the one you booked


b. A full Refund

  1. If you are unable to travel because you have tested positive Coronavirus and/or
  2. if you must isolate as a result of being in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19

Please follow these steps:

  1. Call us as soon as you can on 028 7082 3537 or email reception@blairsholidayparks.com
  2. For us to consider offering an alternative date, we will ask you to send written proof of reception@blairsholidayparks.com within 24 hours of our request and prior to your holiday start date.
  3. Only then we will consider offering alternative dates for your #happystay
  4. If we have been able to rebook your holiday – you will then receive a full refund
  5. Please wait to hear from us regarding any refund due – and the amount (which may be reduced by bank charges).
  6. Wait for us to pay your refund (which may take up to 35 days). Cancellation charges are calculated from the date we receive your instructions.


What you need to do before arriving

Please keep abreast of the latest Government guidelines. Please do not feel you have to contact us if there is a change.  We will contact you if your holiday has been impacted and let you know of any necessary steps you need to take.   We will also do our best to communicate with you if your holiday is affected.  Please ensure we have the latest contact details for you – email and telephone number.

Before travelling to us, please check that your party do not have any symptoms of Coronavirus. Symptoms and what to do if you have any can be found at https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/.

Please follow the Government guidelines and do not travel to us unless it is safe to do so.   If we become aware, or have reasonable grounds to suspect, that you have contracted Coronavirus you and your party may be asked to go home.

Please check your pre-arrival information carefully, as we are constantly monitoring the Coronavirus situation and Government guidelines and will make changes accordingly.  Our processes may not be familiar to you, so please read the latest information before arrival.

If you start to feel unwell whilst on holiday

We kindly ask that you take the following steps:

Call Reception or Park Security/Duty Manager Team with your accommodation or pitch location and number.  Do not leave your accommodation.  We will need to record that you have potential symptoms.

You will be asked to go home to self-isolate, avoiding public transport.

Following government guidelines at our Holiday Parks 

We and your party both agree to follow the latest Government guidelines. The situation around the Coronavirus pandemic is constantly changing and Government restrictions will differ across our parks from time to time. Please be familiar with the current restrictions in the area from which you are travelling and in the area you are travelling to, and follow the all the directions given by the Government including social distancing, face coverings and who we can meet etc.

We ask that when you enter venues:  you follow our guidance and rule-santisie your hands, wait in socially distant queues and wear face coverings unless you are exempt. Please also observe our capacity numbers when visiting our shop, main office and/or other public areas

When you’re on holiday

Checking in and checking out

Video demonstrations of how to check in/out,  how to use your appliances etc are featured in the pre- arrival email.

You will receive essential arrival information the morning of your arrival date. Please keep a look out for arrival information updates, and always check your junk email.

This email will provide you with a link in order to conduct our online check in process

If you are staying in a luxury hire van/ and/or camping cabin or with us in our campsite, you will be prompted to pay a security deposit.

This will then allow you to receive information such as your key lock box and barrier card code.

Please arrive from 4pm onwards to gain access to your luxury hire van and/or cabin accommodation, and we strongly advise that you do not arrive before that time, as we are still carrying out our final cleaning checks and your

For Camping

Check in for camping is from 12 noon. Please note our office closes at 5pm -please contact the office if you wish to arrive at a later time so that we can arrange for alternative arrangements to pick up your check in essentials

Check-out time is 9am and we reserve the right to remove any items remaining in your accommodation after this time. Please remember to put the keys and barrier cards back in the lock box and always leave your accommodation in a clean and tidy condition.

Reporting Cleanliness/Housekeeping Issues/ Damages

As soon as you arrive, we always advise you check your handbook inventory list and ensure all is in order. Should you arrive to your accommodation and you find something is damaged or missing- then we need to know about this as soon as possible. We may ask for pictorial evidence, or indeed come and inspect this for ourselves

If on our changeover /cleaning days, we discover damage which has not been reported to us, we will then contact you and advise you of the damage found and advise you of the amount payable as part of your  pre authorized security deposit.

If, on arrival at your holiday home, you find it is not cleaned to the high standards we expect -You must report this to a member of our team within 2 hours of your arrival window.  You can report this via our office number 028 7082 3537 and for out of office simply wait and choose option 1

A member/s of our cleaning/management team will inspect the accommodation with you to review the issue whilst maintaining social distancing protocols. Failure to make contact with reception and/or duty manager within 2 hours of arrival invalidates action which could have been taken. We won’t accept claims after departure from the holiday park.

To meet the standards that we set, we would love the opportunity to clean your holiday home again, so that you can carry on enjoying your getaway.  But, if you feel this is not possible, we understand. Where possible we will try and move you to another holiday home.

What we will agree to rectify:  a failure to adequately clean the oven, fridge or microwave; carpets not vacuumed; toilet, bathroom or shower not adequately cleaned; dirty guest linen; or unemptied bins.

What we will not agree to rectify interior wear and tear; interior maintenance issues; missing items of inventory; external appearance of the caravan; general signs of age of accommodation; and location of the accommodation on the park.

Blair’s WI-FI

For luxury hire vans- you will have your own dedicated Wifi in your luxury hire van. All your sign in details and password will be displayed in the kitchen cupboard until the

Only devices with a web browser and the ability to connect to a public service can access the network – please check your device for compatibility. All connections to the complimentary wi-fi will be subject to a ‘fair usage’ policy. Device exclusions apply.

Personal belongings

We take all reasonable steps to safeguard our premises and hope you will have no cause for concern during your holiday, but guests remain responsible for looking after their own belongings. Please remember to secure any vehicles or bicycles and try not to leave any valuable items on display. If you are bringing anything valuable on holiday you should check it is adequately covered by your insurance. We cannot accept any liability for loss or damage to your belongings unless it is due to our negligence.

Smoking, drugs and offensive weapons

There’s no smoking of vaporisers, e-cigarettes and tobacco in any of our public buildings or accommodation, and we do our best to make sure guests do not smoke in these areas. We have a zero-tolerance policy on illegal drugs, firearms and offensive weapons. If you take illegal drugs or any other illegal substance or are in possession of a firearm or offensive weapon, we will ask you to leave our holiday park, without refund.

 Customer Conduct 

Please note that we have 24 hour CCTV around all our holiday parks. This is for your safety and also for essential security monitoring all of our holiday parks

  1. Customers are responsible for the conduct of any visitors they bring onsite.
  2. Customers should not at any time, make any noise which will cause annoyance or disturb other users of the site.  Noise curfew between 11:00pm and 8:00am noncompliance may result in being removed from the site.
  3. You can contact our duty manager and/or security team on 028 7082 3537 and wait to choose option 1. Please use this number to report anti-social behaviour or noise level complaints which are disrupting your #happystay
  4. No intoxicating liquor or other alcoholic refreshments of any kind should be consumed outside of your caravan pitch, any drunken or disorderly person will be asked to leave the caravan park
  5. All customers should show courtesy, respect and consideration at all times to other customers.
  6. Excessive noise, bad language, unruly and intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated.
  7. Blair’s caravans have a family ethos and therefore reserve the right to refuse groups of young people and single-gender groups.
  8. Customers shall be responsible for any loss or damage caused by them and their property (e.g. car or caravan), to any of the park’s property or equipment and to other users’ property. The breakage of any fixture or fitting must be reported to staff.  The cost of repair or replacement of any damaged property will be recoverable from the person responsible.
  9. Blairs Caravans reserve the right to refuse access to those who have
    1. breached site rules and regulations
    2. previously been refused entry to the site
    3. previously been asked to vacate the site
  10. All customers must comply with the rules and regulations contained in this leaflet.  Failure to do so will result in appropriate action being taken. Action taken will reflect the nature and severity of an incident and may not be carried out in the order below:
      1. verbal warning from park staff
      2. refusal of future bookings
      3. formal report made to the police
  11. Blairs Caravan’s reserve the right to remove any persons from the site, at any time, on the grounds that their behaviour and/or actions are deemed to be in breach of the above conditions, or deemed to be offensive to staff or other persons using the site
  12. Customers must observe all instructions from Caravan Park staff (including the movement of vehicles, caravans/tents) as well as information notices on display.
  13. No caravan/tent may bear any form of advert, drawing, poster, emblem or slogan other than the manufacturer’s name plates or transfers.

Illness and contagious diseases

Let us know if you come down with something that you think will affect any of our other guests. If we become aware, or have reasonable grounds to suspect, that you have contracted a contagious disease or illness that has the potential to infect many people quickly; you and your party may be asked to go home. If this is not possible, then restrictions will be placed upon your activities and movements to prevent the disease or illness being transmitted to other guests. For additional terms and conditions relating specifically to Coronavirus, including details of our Coronavirus guarantee, what to do before arriving and what to do if you begin to feel unwell whilst on holiday, please see  Coronavirus – of these terms and conditions.

Cutting your holiday short

We hope you’ll have such a great time with us that you don’t want to leave. But if you do end up going home early, we won’t offer you a refund.

Damage to accommodation/Holiday Park Property

We hope you don’t have any mishaps while you’re with us. But if your accommodation is damaged by you or someone in your party during your stay, we have the right to recover the cost of this from you, including any extra cleaning costs. This will be taken from your pre- authorised security deposit.  We may also go into your caravan holiday home at a reasonable time (and on reasonable notice) during your holiday to check the state of things. Any damage to your accommodation could result in your booking being cancelled, with no refund. If there’s an emergency, we can come into your accommodation without warning.

If you leave something behind

Let us know as soon as you realise you’ve left something behind. We’ll do all we can to find it, although we’re not liable if this isn’t possible or if it’s damaged. If we find it- we’ll let you know and keep it until you return to Blair’s to collect it.

Our promises to each other

We want you to have a great time with us. So here are some promises we’ll make when we accept your booking. And because it’s a two-way street, you’ll also be making promises to us when you book.

  1. Our promises to you
    1. a We’ll do our best to give you and the other people in your party a great holiday.
  2.  Your promises to us
    1. You’ll disclose all information required by us and tell us who’s coming with you to the park.2.
    2. You’ll only let the people on your booking confirmation use our caravan holiday homes, facilities and pitches.
    3. You’ll look after our accommodation and facilities so that other people can enjoy them after you. And if you cause any damage, you’ll tell our Reception Team straight away, so we can sort it out.
    4. You won’t spoil things for other guests by being loud or antisocial.
    5. You – and everyone who comes with you – promise not to break any of our terms and conditions. If you do, we’ll ask all of you to leave the park immediately. No ands, ifs or buts. And no refunds

If you need to complain

Even though we’ll do all we can to give you a fantastic holiday, things do sometimes go wrong.  Here’s what to do if you need to complain:

  1. If there’s something wrong with your accommodation or holiday, please tell us straightaway so we can try to rectify as soon as possible, call 028 7082 3537 from 9am-5pm and outside of office opening hours, wait to choose Option 1.
  2. If your holiday is over and you’re still unhappy, please email reception@blairsholidayparks.com  
  3. We will come back to you with an adequate response


 Further Helpful and Useful Information 


Tourers, Motor Homes and Tents                Check-in/12:00 pm           Check-out/12:00 pm

Hire Vans, Camping Cabins & GeoDomes   Check-in/4:00 pm             Check-out/09:00 am

Latest arrival time is 5pm – if you believe you will arrive later than 5pm please contact the main office on 028 7082 3537 before 5pm prior to or on day of arrival. All pitches must be vacated by 12:00 noon (09:00 am for Hire-van  units).



  • Showers, washing machines and driers are coin operated.
  • Doctor on call’s telephone number is 028 2566 3500.
  • There is a night watchman on from 9pm- 5am and can be contacted on 02870823537 ext.1 during these hours
  • Hilltop Reception is open 9am-5pm Mon-Sun
  • Park gates open from 7am to 12 midnight

Anyone found defacing or causing damage to any buildings, equipment or property of the Park will face immediate eviction and prosecution.  The pitch hirer will be responsible for and charged for any damage/breakages/loss caused by themselves or their visitors to the pitch, park facilities or to other camper’s property.  Your personal belongings, vehicles, vans and their accessories and contents are left at your own risk.  Blair’s Caravans and its staff and agents shall not be liable for the loss, theft or damage of any property whilst they remain in the Blairs Caravan Park or Hilltop Holiday Park nor for any injury, accident or mishap to any person in the Parks, unless the same be caused or contributed to by any negligence or default on the part of Blair’s Caravans.  Customers must ensure that their property is secure and fully insured for any unforeseen eventuality.


  1. No tent or caravan may be used for sleeping more than the number of people it was designed for. All equipment, such as gas & electrical appliances and camping gear must comply with Government regulations and all safety requirements.
  2. The sites are provided for holiday purposes only, and may not be used as a base for traders, dealers or contractors. Vehicles, items of equipment and any other property construed as being trade associated will be refused access to the site. No trading will be permitted on site.
  3. Tent/Tourer tag must be placed on the outside of the Tent or Touring van by using the cable ties supplied and must be visible at all times.
  4. Electric for touring caravans can only be purchased and refunded during office opening hours.
  5. Open fires of any description are not permitted.
  6. Please ensure that all household waste is sorted and deposited in the relevant recycling bins located within the site. Non-recyclables must be placed in the general waste bins provided.
  7. Customers must not sell, assign or sub-let their right to keep a caravan/tent at the site.  This site is for personal use only.
  8. No ball games are allowed between camping pitches/hard stands.
  9. Please ensure that all waste from chemical toilets is disposed of, using the facilities provided at the touring area.
  10. Any article found on the site must be handed into an onsite member of staff.  At the end of the season unclaimed property will be disposed of.
  11. Customers asked to leave the site shall remove their caravan/tent from the park immediately and forfeit amount paid.
  12. Customers must keep their pitch and facilities in a clean and tidy condition during their stay.
  13. Smoking is prohibited in all amenity buildings.
  14. All injuries and accidents must be reported to Caravan Park Staff immediately who will record details in the accident report forms.
  15. Use of generators is prohibited.
  16. Commercial vans are not permitted at hire caravans, camping cabins, geo domes, touring site or camp site. We ask that you park your commercial vehicles in the main carpark at our Hilltop Holiday Park Main Office Carpark

These site rules are not exclusive or exhaustive. Blair’s Caravans retains the right to cancel any bookings that are made with false or incomplete information.

Blair’s Holiday Parks Terms and Conditions 2020/21