Buyers Guide

Running Costs

Pitch Fees

Hilltop Holiday Park, Portrush: £3,360

Craigahulliar Holiday Park, Portrush: £3,710

Blairs Holiday Park, Portrush: £3,710

Castlewood Holiday Park, Antrim: £2,750


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Electricity & Gas

Electric is billed annually every September. Metered gas customers are also billed annually every September.

Water & Drainage

Our water drainage service is an optional service which we provide to give you peace of mind over the winter period for burst pipes and leaks. Information regarding this is included with our gas and elcetric bills in September

Maintenance & Servicing

When purchasing your #happystays holiday caravan we will provide you with a one year warranty on all new and used purchases. New caravan purchases will also come with manufacture warranties. Wear and tear items are not included in warranties.

We do provide additional warranty options as stated below:

2 Year Warranty Scheme: £1,150

3 Year Warranty Scheme: £1,750

Warranty Info

Ensure your #Happystay continues with our Aftercare and Warranty info.

Buyers Guide

Some things you should know before purchasing your first holiday home.


Know what you expect when it comes to maintaining your holiday home.

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